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Ed Andrews has been helping senior athletes with the selection and purchase of top quality composite softball bats and equipment since 2011. He has been an independent sales rep for the Reebok “Melee Legend”, the Dudley “Lightning”, the Adidas “Melee 2”, the GTee batting tee and the new Z Sports Bag.

Ed has played competitive tournament softball since 1974. He has the knowledge and experience to help you with your selection and purchase of quality senior bats, batting tees and travel bags. Be assured you will get excellent guidance, expeditious service with the least amount of hassle.

Select the right tool to do the job desired and make sure to select the right expert to help you achieve that goal. Ed realizes the importance of quality equipment and top tier service. He knows the importance of making the experience easy and comfortable! Choose a trusted advisor to help you. Call or contact Ed Andrews today!


Adidas Melee 2 bats • GTee batting tees • Z Bag • Dudley Lightning bats • Reebok Melee Legend bats

Ed can ship bats and equipment to your location via USPS 2 day delivery. He makes sure that you receive email notification of the shipping and location status. Ed is well known in the senior softball tournament circuits. Once you speak with him, his experience and passion for the sport will be obvious.

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